About Us

Impact, established during the summer of 2006, is owned and managed by two Directors; Daryl Matthews and Carl Deller.

We have a very clear focus on our activities, which is borne from many years’ experience and the development of reliable staff and suppliers. Working throughout Great Britain, we offer a wide range of high quality services associated with the shop fitting and sign industries.

One of our key objectives is to play a part in improving the overall perception of contracting organisations by delivering a timely, quality product and offering an open line to clients and customers alike to ensure transparency of operation and commitment to individual and corporate ideals.

We are a flexible organisation, which is equally comfortable in operating as a main contractor taking direct responsibility for all aspects of a project, or, as one of many specialist sub-contractors forming part of a team delivering a specific activity within a programme to complement an overall objective.

A more detailed explanation of our activities is explained in the ‘Our Services‘ section of the web site and there are many examples of earlier projects within the ‘Case Study‘ section.